Idaho Skiing
Idaho Skiing
Idaho Skiing

Yöstmark Backcountry Tours is a nondiscriminatory permittee of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Idaho Skiing


AJ Linnell had monumental impact on Yöstmark. He helped transform Yöstmark Backcountry Tours into the program it is today and served as lead guide for 6 years.

His personal endeavors and work as a guide and educator made you stop and wonder how someone could have so much energy and expertise. Yes, AJ was one of those “larger than life” people who you felt so incredibly fortunate to have on your team.

AJ inspired all of us in many ways. Everyone who really knew AJ knew that his humility, kindness, caring nature, and ability to live in the moment were some of the traits that made him special. AJ didn’t have to be anyone but AJ, and we loved him for that.

My only regret is that I didn’t tell AJ enough what a great job he did and how much I admired him.

We will carry on and try our best to honor his legacy by growing YBT into the program he envisioned and by trying to be more like AJ every day.

-Rich Rinaldi

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